A Virtual Event Series by EventFarm
Building the 2021 Events Playboook
April 20, 2021 @ 1PM EDT
Learn from Event & Health Experts
Follow the event planning playbook
See how to execute best practices
Network & collaborate with fellow event pros
President & CEO
CEO | Co-Founder
Due to popular demand, we’ve extended our virtual event series and are excited to continue the conversation on Pandemic Compliance and Safety at Live Events.

So far we’ve covered public health, legal and event best practices, and now it’s time to get down and dirty and learn how to effectively execute a safe in-person event.

Join us at our Event Farm Echo virtual campus on Tuesday, April 20th and follow along our 2021 Event Planning Playbook. Virtual doors open at 1:00pm EDT and the session begins at 1:15pm EDT.

(Note: Each session in the virtual series requires registration.)

1:00 - 1:15 PM EDT
Explore the Campus
This is a great time to get acclimated to the campus and customize your avatar by selecting the gears icon (top right) and clicking “Change Avatar”. For more quick tips click here.
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1:15 - 1:30 PM EDT
Welcome & Intro
@ Go To > Main Auditorium
1:30 - 2:30 PM EDT
Pandemic Compliance & Safety at Live
Events Panel - The Event Planning Playbook
We will be jumping right into the 2021 Event Planning Playbook, including the types of tools you need to execute a safe live event.
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2:30 - 3:00 PM EDT
@ Go To > Conference Halls
Joins us right after the event for a 30-minute networking session to connect with other fellow professionals navigating events in 2021. This time around we will be facilitating the networking in three separate Conference Halls: Nonprofits and Education professionals will be in Conference Hall 1, Agencies and PCOs will be in Conference Hall 2, and Commercial professionals will gather in Conference Hall 3
By Barbara Peterson
Several states and countries require visitors to show a negative Covid-19 test or face a quarantine. Do-it-yourself kits are...
By Dylan Monorchio
As 2020 comes to a close and different governments begin to roll out Covid vaccines, the event industry needs to double-down on health and safety...
By Ryan Costello
Ryan Costello shares a few concepts on how event planners can overcome their fears to host in-person events during a pandemic.
How much does a ticket cost?
Registration is free!
How do I access The Echo?
You will receive download instructions in your registration confirmation email. Additionally, a few days prior to the event we will be sending daily reminders to download the virtual campus application to your desktop.
I've attended previous virtual events hosted by MemberSuite/EventFarm and/or I've completed a guided tour or self-tour of the platform. Do I still need to download the application?

It depends! We have a few virtual campuses and each campus has its own application. The event will take place at The Event Farm Echo campus. As long as the application's icon on your desktop looks like the one below with an arrow, you should be good to go! Simply open it to join us

Do I need any specific hardware to attend the event?

Just a desktop computer or laptop (PC or Mac) that can install applications and has access to the internet. We also strongly encourage the use of a headset or headphones with a built-in microphone to avoid sound feedback when you are talking with others

How do I get started once I'm in The Echo?

Click here, for a short video to help you get started. 

Are the sessions eligible for CAE credits or CE credits?


Who is eligible to attend the event?

All welcome!

What should I expect as an attendee? 

Learning, fun, and networking. This platform is very unique in its ability to facilitate networking and interaction using 3D audio and private conversation areas. We highly encourage you to walk up to people like you would at any in-person event, introduce yourself and start chatting!

What's the dress code?

Express yourself! Your avatar will have a closet full of options. To customize, click the gears icon on the top right of your screen and select "Change Avatar".

How can I learn more about Event Farm? 

Event Farm is a toolset of event engagement applications designed to promote brands and engage targeted audiences at in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. Here are some key solutions we offer:

▪️ Our Event Safety Software offers a suite of purposely built applications to keep your event staff and attendees safe during this pandemic. Click here to request a demo

▪️ The Echo brings together a powerful virtual campus with Event Farm’s event engagement platform to facilitate real-life human connections and host unforgettable online event experiences. Click here to request a tour now.

▪️ Event Farm + Zoom turns Zoom events and meetings into branded experiences that engage your attendees. Click here to learn more and get a demo.